Track Record

Client Activity/Project Date
Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism
Authority (funded by WWF)
Mpumalanga VEGMAP dataset edits March 2012
Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism
Authority (funded by DEDET)
Mpumalanga LANDCOVER dataset edits October 2011
Town planning and surveyor
support services

Preparation of town planning related plans including the preparation of:
Subdivision diagrams, consolidation diagrams, Scheme Maps (Map 3s),
Township Establishment plans, DFA application plans, Site development
plans, Locality plans, Land use plans, Zoning plans, Marketing maps.

Provision of other services in the town planning field including: the
capture of SG diagrams and general plans, data capture, editing,
cleansing and verification, geo-database design and implementation,
spatial modelling and other GIS analyses as required.

April 2011 to
Engineering support services Provision of data and GIS support in Engineering field including:
The conversion of CAD format information to GIS formats and vice versa
and the preparation of plans as required.
April 2011 to
Environmental consultants and
ecological practitioners
Provision of map making and GIS services in the environmental field
including the preparation of:
Vegetation community plans, sensitivity plans, general locality plans,
GPS support, data capture, editing, cleansing and verification and other
GIS analyses as required.
April 2011 to
AbaQulusi Local Municipality Implementation of a municipal Performance Management System
(PMS). Development of scorecards including creation of Key
Performance Areas (KPAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), targets,
weightings and scheduling. Assisting with the capture of quarterly
information and the generation of annual reports. Preparation of
performance agreements. Assisting in the collection of information for
the preparation of Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Pans
June 2011
Maskew Miller Longman
Provision of mapping and GIS support services for information to be
included in school text book.
June 2011